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Why choose Pandaxue?

You have seen a lot of Agencies right? But do you know what we offer?

Embassy facing counselling

Pandaxue isn’t all about the scholarships and university processing. We also experience counseling before students face the embassy. We ensure the visa success rate is high by training our students and prepare them for what may come.

Less time required for visa processing

We at Pandaxue believe when it comes to students’ career, they only deserve the best. Hence we ensure they are provided with the best university they can choose from and with a subject of their choosing. Our team ensures the process is as easy as possible, and we guarantee the visa processing time is swift so our students don’t have to go through all the hardships they would have faced elsewhere.

Scholarship guaranteed

Pandaxue works with thousands of universities worldwide. Due to our good reputation, we have bagged several prominent scholarships from numerous universities, so when applying through us, we ensure you get the best scholarship based on your merit.


Pandaxue has been operating for several years with high success rates. People who have used our services have always come back and referred their friends and relatives, which is not only because of our high-end service but also because of the faith that people have in us, which developed through years of quality service.

We provide a wide range of universities and subjects

Pandaxue works with thousands of universities worldwide; we scout the best ones out there for our students. When affiliating with universities, the best interests of our students are always at heart. And the quality of our service also makes the universities eager to work with us. As a result, we can provide a wide range of universities and subjects that a student might wish to pursue.

Early processing

We at Pandaxue ensure your application is dealt with with utmost care and sincerity. We provide you are satisfied with our service and maintain early processing times to apply through us as less strenuous as possible.

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