Changzhou University

Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province

Bachelor (English Taught):
1) Computer Science and Technology
2) Petroleum Engineering
3) International Economic and Trade
4) Chemical Engineering & Technology
After Scholarship Need to pay:
1) Tuition Fees: 5000CNY/Year (Original Tuition fees is 14000CNY/Year)
2) Accommodation fees :1800-3000CNY/Year (3-4 persons in a room)
3) Visa Extension fees 800CNY/Year
4) Insurance fees 800CNY/Year
5) Health Check Up 343CNY
Documents: 1. Passport 2. Picture 3. Higher Secondary School /Grade 12th /A Level/ High School
Certificate and Transcript 4. Health Check Up 5. English Proficiency Certificate 6.Non-Criminal Record
/Police Clearance 7.Bank Statement (5000$) 8. Application Form
Deadline: 10th of June 2022, Classes will be started from September 2022.