Nanjing Tech University

Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province

Bachelor (English Taught):
1) Computer Science and Technology
2) Civil Engineering
3) Electrical Engineering & Automation
4) Mechanical Engineering
5) Pharmacy
6) International Trade & Economics
7) Transportation Engineering
8) Surveying and Mapping Engineering
9) Materials science and Engineering
10) Applied Chemistry
11) International Chinese Education(Chinese Taught)
Type A:
 Full tuition fees free
 Monthly Stipend 400CNY/Month
Type B:
 Full tuition fees free
Type C:
 50% of Tuition fees free (Need to pay 8000CNY/Year)
Other Costs:
1) Accommodation fees 1600CNY/Year (4 person in a room) or 4000CNY/Year (2 persons in a room)
2) Registration fees 500CNY
3) Visa Extension fees 400CNY/Year
4) Health Check Up 500CNY 5) Insurance fees 800CNY/Year
Documents : Scan Copy of 1. Passport 2. Picture 3. Higher Secondary School /Grade 12th /A Level/ High School Certificate and Transcript 4. Health Check Up 5. English Proficiency Certificate 6.Non Criminal Record / Police Clearance 7.Bank Statement 8.Video of self Introduction 9. Application Form

Deadline : 15th June 2022, Class will be started on September 2022.

Note: Student need to submit their self introduction video after getting Pre-Admission/Conditional Letter Those who will be selected after checking the video need to pay 2500CNY to the University After that University will issue JW202 , this 2500 CNY will be adjusted with Accommodation fees and Registration Fees .Those who will be fail to pay this money their admission will be canceled automatically