Northwestern Polytechnical University(NPU)

Xi’an City, Shaanxi Province
Country Ranking:24; World Ranking:543

Bachelor Degree Taught in English:

  1. Aeronautical Engineering
  2. Astronautics Engineering
  3. Ocean Engineering
  4. Materials Science and Engineering
  5. Mechanical Engineering
  6. Civil Engineering
  7. Electronics & Information Engineering
  8. Electrical Engineering and Automation
  9. Computer Science & Technology
  10. Business Administration
  11. Biotechnology
  12. Bachelor Degree(NPU President Scholarship)
    I) Type A: Full Tuition Fees free, Full Accommodation Fees Free and stipend 1500CNY/Month.
    II) Type B: Full Tuition Fees free
    III) Type C: 50% of tuition fees free
    *All others fees need be paid by students
  13. Bachelor Degree(“The Belt & Road” Scholarship)
    I) Type A:Full Tuition Fees free and stipend 1500CNY/Month
    II) Type B:50% tuition fees free and stipend 1500CNY/Month
    III) Type C:Stipend 1500CNY/Month
  14. Shaanxi Provincial Government Scholarship: 15000CNY/Year/Student(For on campus student)
1Tuition fees (Bachelor Degree)22000/Year3150/Year
2Accommodation Fees7200-10800/Year1050-1550/Year
3Medical Insurance Fees800/Year115/Year
4Residence Permit fees400/Year60/Year
5Health Check up(Only for 1st Year) fees400-50060-70
6Application Fees(Only for 1st Year)60085
7Living Costs600-1000/Month85-140

Note: 1USD=7.00CNY(Depends on currency rate)
Note: All others fees need be paid by students, The Belt & Road country’s students can apply for The Belt & Road” Scholarship.

  1. Age Limit: Up to 30
  2. High School/A level Score:70 out of 100; 14 out of 20; 7 out of 10; 3.50 out of 5.0;2.80 out of 4.0.
  3. English Proficiency Certificate:
    I) For Scholarship: IELTS Score:6.0 or above/TOFEL 80 or above/SAT 1150 or above/PTE Academic 55/ Duolingo 95 or above/Cambridge Advanced Level English B or above.
    II) For Self-support: IELTS Score:5.5 or above/TOFEL 70 or above/SAT 1050 or above/PTE Academic 50 / Duolingo 90 or above/Cambridge Advanced Level English C or above.
    Documents: 1. Passport 2. Picture 3. Higher Secondary School /Grade 12th /A Level/ High School Certificate and Transcript 4. Health Check Up 5. English Proficiency Certificate 6.Non Criminal Record /Police Clearance 7.Bank Statement(5000$) 8. Application Form
    Deadline : May 30 , 2022. Class will be start from September 2022