Sichuan Agricultural University

Chengdu City, Sichaun Province
Bachelor Taught in English: International Trade and Economics
Need to pay to the University:

  1. Tuition Fees : 6000CNY/Year
  2. Accommodation:1100CNY/Year(4Person in a room)
  3. Insurance Fees: 800CNY/Year
  4. Registration Fees: 600CNY
  5. Residence Permit(Visa):400CNY/Year
  6. Medical Check Up: 500CNY
  7. Type A For Excellent Student: 10000CNY/Year/Student
  8. Type B For Good Student: 7000CNY/Year/Student
  9. Type C For those who will pass all Exams:5000CNY/Year/Student
    Documents :
  10. Application Form(No handwriting ) 2. A copy of passport 3. Notarized diplomas of highest education 4. Academic transcript 5. “Physical examination record for foreigner” copy(within 3 months) 6. No Criminal Record Certificate(within 3 months) 7. Financial statement(within 3 months) 8. Transfer Certificate and Attendance letter(only transfer students)
    (if the attendance rate is below 80%, the police station will refuse to offer residence permit)
    Deadline 20th of May, Class will be started from September 2022.