South China University of Technology (SCUT)

Guangzhou City ,Guangdong Province, P.R China
Country Ranking:28, World Ranking 213
211 and 985 Project’s University
Bachelor Degree Taught in English :

  1. Computer Science and Technology
  2. Civil Engineering
  3. Business Administration
  4. International Trade and Economics
  5. Materials Science and Engineering
  6. Microelectronics Science and Engineering
  7. Biomedical Engineering(BME)
    Original Fees structures :
  8. Tuition Fees: 26000NY/Year
  9. Accommodation Fees: 27CNY/Day(Two person a room); 12CNY/Day(Four Person in a room)
  10. Insurance Fees:800CNY/Year
  11. Visa Extension Fees:400CNY/Year
  12. Medical Check Up: 400NY(Only for 1st Year)
  13. Registration Fees:450CNY(1st Year Only)
  14. Type A: Full Tuition Fees Free for 4 Years
  15. Type B: Half Tuition Fees for 4 Years
  16. Type C: Half Tuition Fees for 2 Years
  17. Type D:Guangdong Provincial Government Scholarship 10,000RMB/Year
    Documents: 1.Passport 2.Picture 3.Last Academic Transcript and Certificate 4.English Proficiency Certificate(IELTS 5.5 or TOFFEL 68 or others valid English Proficiency Certificate) 5.Health Check Up Certificate 6.Police Clearance (Need to submit original copy with notarized from local Chinese Embassy) 7. Application form.
    Deadline: 30th May 2022; Class will be started form September 2022.