Yangzhou University

Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province
Country Ranking:84, World Ranking:844
Majors for Bachelor: Taught in English
1.Software Engineering
2.Civil Engineering
3.Mechanical Engineering (Machine Design & Manufacturing and Automation)
4.Pharmaceutical Science
5.Microelectronics Science and Engineering
6.International Business
7.Tourism Management
8.International Chinese Education(Chinese Taught)
1.Application Form 2. Passport 3. Photo 4.Highest Degree Certificate & Transcript 5.Medical Report 6. IELTS ,TOFEL or other equivalent English Proficiency Certificate 7.Police Clearance 8.Bank Statement 9.Parent’s job certificate and income certificate 10.Parent’s Passport or NID.
Original Fees Structure :

  1. Tuition Fees :14000-16000CNY/Year
  2. Accommodation Fees :4500-7000CNY/Year
  3. Insurance Fees :800CNY/Year
  4. Resident Permit( Visa Extension ):400CNY/Year
  5. Medical Check Up: 400CNY(1st Year only )
  6. Registration Fees:400CNY
    Scholarships: Tuition and Accommodations Fees are Free
    Requirements to get the Scholarship :
  7. IELTS 6.0 above, TOFFEL 80 Above or Valid English Proficiency Certificate.
  8. High School Result Need to be have more than 70%.
    Condition for the Scholarship from 2nd year to 4th year:
    1.Need to get 70% Marks for one Academic year
    2.Need to have 95% attendance( Not including leaves)
    3.Need to follow all the rules and regulation of Chinese Government & University
  9. Before starting major University will take an English Proficiency Test Exam and need to pass in this exam . If someone can’t pass the exam then need to study 1 year Chinese and 4 years majors (in Chinese Taught program). During Chinese Language Course student need to pay Accommodation fees which is 7000Yuan. From next year student can get Tuition and Accommodation fees Scholarship.
  10. If someone can’t get 70% Marks (CGPA 2.0 out of 5.0) in average for one academic year or attendance is less than 95% he/she can’t get the “ Full Tuition fees & Full Accommodation fees free “Scholarship.
  11. If someone’s Marks is more than 60%(CGPA1.0) but less than 70%(CGPA 2.0) and attendance is 95% then can get 60% weaver of Tuition fees & Accommodation fees for that academic year.
  12. If someone’s Marks is less than 60%(CGPA 1.0) or attendance is less than 95% then students can’t get scholarship for that academic year. 5. Students who lose Scholarship for one year can apply for next year if he/she can full fill the requirements.
    Deadline : 30th May ,2022 (Depends on Seats); Class will be started from September 2022.