Zhejiang University of Technology (ZJUT)

Zhejiang Province, Hangzhou City
Country Ranking:64; World Ranking :731
Bachelor Degree Programs (Taught in English) :
1.International Economics and Trade
2.Civil Engineering
3.Computer Science and Technology
4.Software Engineering
5.International Economics and Trade
6.Mechanical Engineering
7.Chemical Engineering and Technology
9.Electrical Engineering and Automation
10.Environmental Engineering
11.Law (International Law Oriented)
12.Pharmaceutical Engineering
Normal Cost of ZJUT:

  1. Tuition Fees:17800CNY/Year
  2. Accommodation Fees:3500-5300CNY/Year
  3. Insurance Fees:1000CNY/Year
  4. Residence Permit:400CNY/Year
  5. Text Books :400CNY/Year
  6. Accommodation Deposit:800CNY(Refundable)
  7. Medical Check Up:500CNY(Only for 1st time)
    Type A: Full tuition fees free for 4 year
    Type B: Full tuition fees free for 1st Year
    Type C: 50% tuition fees free for 1st Year
    Type D: Waiver 3500CBY of 1st Year tuition fees
    Note: For Type B,C and D Scholarship students ,University will provide scholarships from 2-4 year according to rules and regulations of ZJUT and performance of students.
    Documents Requirements: 1. Passport 2. Picture 3. Higher Secondary School /Grade 12th /A Level/ High School Certificate and Transcript 4. Health Check Up 5. English Proficiency Certificate 6.Non-Criminal Record / Police Clearance 7.Bank Statement (5000$) 8. Application Form
    Deadline : 30th June 2022, Major Classes will be started September 2022.